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15.08.2006, Cadiz, Andalusia, ESP, SPAIN - Boys in swimming trousers on a footbridge leading to the San Sebastian Castle. (Spain, Spanish, Europe, European, Cadiz, Andalusia, Andalucia, humans, people, Caucasian, boys, young, youth, group, teens, teenagers, teenage, bathe, bathing, bath, bodies, swimming trunks, bathing trunks, water, leisure time, free time, leisure activities, fun, amusement, seaside, shore, coast, coastal, cost area, costal area, sea, trip, travel, tourism, vacation, holiday, holidays, season, summer, summertime, landmark, bridge, footbridge, lantern, color, colour, blue, clear, sky, horizontal) 0FR060815D267CAROE.JPG [MODEL RELEASE: NO, PROPERTY RELEASE: NO (c) caro images / Rodriguez,, [email protected] - In case of using the picture for any non-editorial purpose, please contact the agency - the picture is subject to royalty!]