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15.06.2005, York, England, GBR, GREAT BRITAIN - People at Royal Ascot horse race. (Great Britain, British, Europe, European, United Kingdom, UK, England, English, Royal Ascot, sports facility, sport, sports event, race, races, horse race, horse races, horse racing, course, race course, racecourse, horse race course, international, people, humans, women, men, visitors, guests, spectators, crowd, crowds, crowded, many, lots, elegant, elegance, posh, hats, fancy, tophats, top hats, toppers, fashion, fashionable, fashion design, clothes, clothing, style, society, high society, elite, luxury, wealth, wealthy, rich, ritzy, leisure time, free time, walking, walk, movement, move, moving, blur, blurry, blurred, horizontal) 00S050615D032CAROE.JPG [MODEL RELEASE: NO, PROPERTY RELEASE: NO (c) caro images / Sorge,, [email protected] - In case of using the picture for any non-editorial purpose, please contact the agency - the picture is subject to royalty!]