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23.04.2005, Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, DEU, GERMANY - Teenage girl in her room, with her mobile phone. (human, girl, Caucasian, young, youth, teenager, teenage, teen, 15-20 years, 15 to 20 years, adolescent, adolescence, puberty, lying, lie, face, brunette, technology, mobile phone, mobile, cellphone, phone, SMS, SMS message, Short Message Service, MMS, MMS message, Multimedia Messaging Service, looking, look, writing, write, reading, read, communication, telecommunication, mobile telecommunication, leisure time, free time, everyday life, room, interior, bed, posters, Tokio Hotel, band, fan, portrait, symbol, symbolic, symbolical, horizontal) 00X060423D021CAROE.JPG [MODEL RELEASE: YES, PROPERTY RELEASE: NO (c) caro images / Oberhaeuser,, [email protected] - In case of using the picture for any non-editorial purpose, please contact the agency - the picture is subject to royalty!]