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13.07.2007, Kirchberg an der Iller, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany - Tyre storehouse. (Kirchberg an der Iller, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, German, Europe, European, building, hall, depot, warehouse, storehouse, store, storing, storage, storage space, storage system, storage method, supply, supplies, supplying, stock, stocking, service, services, company, enterprise, firm, commercial company, goods, tyres, tires, wheels, summer tires, summer tyres, winter tires, winter tyres, transport, transportation, transporting, boxes, industry, car industry, motor industry, automotive industry, industrial, car component, trade, trading, commerce, economy, economic, interior, order, bulk, mass, lots, multitude, many, shelves, shelving, racks, high racks, high rise racks, row, high, tall, nobody, vertical) 0CU070827D303CAROE.JPG [MODEL RELEASE: NOT APPLICABLE, PROPERTY RELEASE: NO (c) caro images / Ulrich,, [email protected] - In case of using the picture for any non-editorial purpose, please contact the agency - the picture is subject to royalty!]